Trademark litigation attorney

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Trademark litigation attorney
We are seeking an attorney with experience in trademark litigation to assist with an active ongoing trademark litigation case where the key disputed issues include priority, analogous use and fraud. We are looking for someone to help with the following tasks:
1. Drafting motions and briefs including motion for summary judgment
2. Finding appropriate case law
3. Draft and file appropriate documents such as disclosures, declarations, exhibits, testimonies, protective orders etc.
4. Working knowledge of discovery mechanisms and procedures, pretrial motions, trial and post-trial procedures.

The individual must have the following skills/experiences:
1. Experience in trademark litigations, particularly in matters where analogous use is alleged, priority is been disputed, and fraud is been alleged.
2. Familiarity with TTAB rules
3. Must be familiar with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
4. Must have trademark litigation experience. Must have worked as a trademark litigation specialist for at least 2 years.
This is full time position in Gdansk, Poland. We will collaborate with you to prepare and polish the relevant documents. We are a small firm but maintain a certain level of legal expertise in- house.

Please provide your resume along with a copy of / link to a brief you drafted.


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